Disclaimer…below was actually written prior to the race but posted after.

Only 2 days to Jiangshan 66k and 4900D+ ( and I’m looking forward.

I don’t know what makes you look forward to the race the most 1) getting out of shanghai and experience nature again, or 2) actually running uphill slightly more inspiring places than my fire escape!!! In truth they are probably two sides to the same coin – never the less – being out in the mountains again is something to look forward to.


The sexy training environment 

As before, Icreated a race-plan to make myself some milestones along the way. At current I amhowever still a bit unsure which strategy to apply 1) cheating myself into thinking I’m doing good by my own milestones, or alternatively 2) pushing myselfto race towards milestones that are over-ambitious.

Useful or not – at least it makes you look into whats ahead

I’m likely to go for #2. Also,I’m still too un-experienced to really assess what speed I can go at for thesedistances without killing myself before the final stages. But I should be in abetter places than the 50K race in Guizhou start September as I’ve been clocking between 80-90k a week and lot more vertical meters as well – close to double what I did the weeks before the 50k race – anyways let’s see on Saturday.

Besides the running I’ve been doing some core training to support the downhill beatings and the uphill grind – it seems to be working. UPClinic and Cory have been helpingme with some exercises combing strength and balance using tadada… rubberbands…it doesn’t sound hard, but you should just try it…

Disclaimer: the pink yoga mat is NOT mine

Next we are planning to look a bit into running style as I need to change some things.. higher cadence and landing more on my forefoot – classic, but yet not always easy to change by yourself…looking forward to get a better grip on this.

Anyways, until next time

Virgin-blogger M

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